Get orders from your own website

The system supports Chains, Single/Independent Businesses, Groups of Indepependent Businesses.
It can be even used to create an online food ordering portal system.

The process

online food ordering process

Example concepts
receive orders on tablet or mobile and print on bluetooth printer
mobile friendly and optimised
food delivery distance charge checks


online food ordering and delivery

Accept online orders

mobile friendly and optimised

Optimised for mobiles

food delivery distance charge checks

Distance and value checks

Super simple setup

online food delivery sales

Focused on getting orders

food online ordering

Menu Photos available

Optional Extras

You can extend the system's functionality or add more features to make it work the way you want.

custom modifications

Customised for you

e-pos integration, gprs printer

Link to Bank, ePOS, Printer

mobile food ordering and virtual tour

Mobile website & 360° tour

foreign language (multi-lingual) support: chinese, polish and more

foreign languages support

ipad or tablet in-restaurant table ordering

In-Restaurant Ordering

marketing data and reports, with data that can extracted to excel

Data - Marketing & Offers


Food Ordering Demo walkthrough

View a brief walkthrough demo, in this case showing more than one restaurants.   The system can handle one or more restaurants making it ideal for any type of business scenario, from restaurant chains to online ordering portals for a group of indepedant restaurants. The functionality shown in the demo comes as standard, and includes photos for dishes, multiple versions of dishes  (eg.  beef/prawns noodles)  as well as time checking, distance checking, and payment receipt with paypal or cash-on-delivery.

Demos and mobile app

Single Restaurants, Takeaways and Caterers
Single Restaurant (mobile friendly)

Multiple Restaurants, Chains and Groups
Multiple Restaurants (includes customisations)

Mobile App
Android Mobile App

Back-End Application
Administration system and Reporting


video walkthrough

4min Video Walkthrough (Unbranded no-sound version)
Video: Multiple/Single restaurants scenario) without styling/branding

The system can be customised and branded to your requirements

Partly styled food ordering system example screenshots:
(click to enlarge)
food ordering concept design    food ordering concept design

The functionality shown above demonstrates the core of the system, which can then be customised for each customer/restaurant to work the way the business wants. This could include the receipt of orders via fax/sms/printer, creation of a mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry), integration with a POS system, and more. Details on the technical specification of the system are also available along with further information on some of the potential add-ons, in the 'order' section below.


Smart and flexible

food ordering concept design
Only one screen for food selection, delivery distance checks, and other calculations. The system is also flexible: it can be custom-modified to work 'your way'.

Simple, fast, direct

food ordering concept design
Simple ordering aims to make users to complete their order easily without a fuss. Orders are a simple 'choose food' and 'pay' process.

Frequently asked questions

system requirements
Technical - system requirements

How hard is it to put the system on my site?

Very easy. It does not take more than 5-10 minutes. Once you have installed the system, you simply place a link on your website to the online orders system. Just place the link on the site and you're ready. Or we can take care of the hosting of the online ordering system (if you cannot host it yourselves) so that you do not need to worry about hosting or the technicalities of things.

menu and prices
Changing the menu and prices

How do I change photos, the menu and prices?

We can do it for you or you can either do this yourself directly on the system via the self-service administration system. We can help during the initial setup but, later, if we have to do it or get involved, then this will come at a cost.

extensible functionality
system flexibility

How about if i want the system to work in a different way? (mobile app, EPOS connection...)

No problem at all. Our system is made in a way which gives it the ability to be custom-modified to work the way you want. We will discuss your requirements and identify the extra costs for the modifications. From integration with your EPOS and creating a mobile apps to mutliple languages and extra features, we will be happy to help you with all.

cheap and slow price
Value for money - low cost

How can you offer all this at such a low price?

It's quite simple really. Other than the initial setup, all technical support is offered on-demand as a paid service. Once the system is up and running, you will have direct access and be able to make menu changes by yourself. So, there should be nothing that we need to do for you other than maintain the hosting for your system (ie. monthy fee). As we do not have to pay staff to offer ongoing technical support we are able to pass on the savings to you. That way, you only pay for the 'extras' you want if and when you need them.



Need a site too?

restaurant and takeaway website design

You need a website too?

If you do not have a website and want one, or if you simply want to update your existing one, we can help you with that.

We can create a modern google-friendly website which works on mobile phones too, and all that for £499. Or if you want something more complex and innovative we will be happy to discuss your needs.

From POS integrations, in-restaurant ordering and additional functionality to mobile apps and multiple languages, we are happy to help. We will discuss your needs, identify the extra costs and create something made just for you.

Any modifications that you need come as a one-off cost, and depend on your exact needs and requirements. Regardless of the modifications you want, the monthly fee remains the same.

Contact us for an initial exploratory conversation.