Case Studies

The following are case studies of small hospitality businesses, large corporate clients, caterers and chains.

Red Dragon Chinese Takeaway, Glossop, Derbyshire

Red Dragon took back 40% of its customers within 5 weeks, and within 3 months stopped using 3rd-party ordering portals/websites like Just Eat and Hungryhouse and now receives 100% of its orders directly.

Suwen Wu, Manager:

“I actually spent over a year looking at all the products and services out there ... A fter it was installed on our site we managed, in just a few weeks, to get about 30 to 40 per cent of our customers coming to us directly when ordering.  Eventually, we increased that to 100 per cent - and we left Just Eat altogether!  Now we receive all of our orders and payments directly.   Also, we’re customising and adding extra functions to the system to make it even better.”

Komal Balti Indian Restaurant, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Komal has achieved operational efficiencies by using the online ordering system as well as the in-store ordering system for waiter-led ordering and automated printing at reception and kitchen.

Sam Gmichael, Manager:

"Having this system feels like being Domino’s or McDonald’s in the sense that customers are kept informed via email and SMS texts but, importantly, orders are automatically routed both to the kitchen and reception.  The system works well and the whole team here are very happy with it because it makes their work time easier yet totally efficient."

BurgerIM, Humble, Texas, USA

BurgerIM in Humble (Texas, USA) reorganised its website and marketing spend to improve online visibility, eliminate unnecessary marketing, and incease marketing efficiency as well as increase physical footfall to the store.

Andre Holder, Manager:

“I cannot recommend enough. The difference in quality became apparent almost immediately. The support and knowledge/expertise offered has really benefited our business. We stopped wasting money unnecessarily and started thinking about 'digital' in a very different way that makes a difference to our bottom line. It's great to work with people who know what they are doing.”

Mexita Stpringburn, Glasgow, Scotland

Mexita Stpringburn has dramatically reduced commission payments to 3rd-party ordering sites and has gained full control of its online ordering and engages directly with customers, without having to deal with middle-men.

Muhammad Hasan, Manager: Video

"I wanted to be able to own and control the sales process and customer relationship. I chose the system which I thought was the best for my needs and I knew I’d have full control over everything. After the system was installed on our site we managed, in just a few weeks, for our direct sales to surpass those coming from third parties and we keep pushing more and more to take our customers back. "

Software for direct orders and sales

Own the Sales Data  -  Runs on YOUR website

The system is suitable for all types of hospitality businesses including event venues, stadiums, universities, and more.
It can be even used to create an online food ordering portal system or compliement a POS system.

Example concepts

online ordering to multiple locations: reception, kitchen, bar

Receive orders on tablet or printers

in-store ordering - waiter led or self service ordering kiosk

Waiter-led or Self-service ordering

table booking with pre-ordering

Table booking with pre-ordering

Simple POS replacement with CallerID functionality

Telephone Orders

in-store ordering - waiter led or self service ordering kiosk

Staff / Students meals ordering

table booking with pre-ordering

Hotel / Hospital Room service

You can also customise the system to make it work your way.

The process

1. Order Placed


Place Order

Your Website

Payment Online

Your Bank Account

Receive Order

2. Order Received




Mini Printer

EPSON Intelligent POS Printers

  • Low power consuption
  • Advanced functionality (eg. automated printing at reception, kitchen
  • 2-year business-level warranty (next day replacement) by Epson
  • Can be used as a normal POS printer and/or for online orders concurrently, depending on the model.

iBacsTel LAN/Wifi/GPRS/SMS Printers

  • Can use LAN/Wifi/GPRS/SMS depending on the model
  • An online API service is provided by iBacsTel is used for the printer and the ordering system to communicate
  • Narrow paper width

Goodcom LAN/Wifi/GPRS/SMS Printers

  • LAN/Wifi/GPRS/SMS interface to communicate with the ordering system
  • Require the ordering system to be setup on a static IP address
  • Narrow paper width

Epson Expression Home XP-432 All-in-One printer

  • all-in-one printer option for scenarios where printer size is not an issue
  • Can automatically print emails
  • Low cost
  • can also print from a tablet, mobile phone as well as remotely


Tablet / Mobile

Deliver Order

3. Order Delivered

Customer Receives Food

Loaded with features....

Multiple Stores supported

Online ordering for all your stores from a single system.

Works with multiple printers

Support formultiple printers: Epson, iBacsTel, Goodcom, and more.

Self Managed system

Change anything, anytime from any device with a web browser on it.

Multiple Timezones

The system adjusts to the date/time and timezone you operate automatically, regardless of your server's location.

Built-in marketing

Email or SMS your customers directly from the ordering system.

Manage orders in real-time

Use our powerful dashboards to manage orders (acknowledge, cancel, out for delivery) and see order history.

In-Store Ordering

Self-service or waiter-led ordering. Allow direct ordering from tables, room-service or simply reduce queues.

Table Boooking

Table booking with pre-ordering. Book a table and submit the order at the same time.

Multi-location printing

Print orders at multiple locations and languages. English receipt at Reception, Chinese receipt in the Kitchen.

eCommerce Analytics

Integrates with Google Analytics and Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce.

Frictionless Ordering

No user registration or sign up needed, yet the system remembers your delivery and payment detais.

Telephone Orders

Use the system as a simple POS with callerID to handle and input telephone orders into the system.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateways: mPesa, Onpay, Truevo, Ekashu NoChex, Worldpay, Paypal, Stripe.

Allergens filtering

Let users filter the menu based on allergens and suitability requirements.

Up/Cross-Selling functionality. Bought a burger? How about a baar and chips?

Loyalty Scheme

Let customers earn points based on the amount of money they spend and redeem them.

Stock Control

Srock numbers and availability updated in real-time by the system automatically, if needed..

Multiple Languages

108 Languages available to use, up to 10 simulteneously, with each text frontend text string fully editable.


Ability to collect authentic reviews only from actual customers.

Extra Charges

Charge customers for any additional fees required, such as a 'bag charge', or similar.

Multiple Currencies

Use any currency on a per-store basis. Accept GBP in the UK and USD in the USA.

TwoAvailable Layouts

Choose between two different layouts aimed at making your business look good.


Turn any tablet into a self-ordering kiosk using the in-store ordering functionality.

Order at table/seat

Allow customers to order from their own table, stadium/theatre seat, or beach umbrella..


Manage and limit order numbers so as not to over-stretch your staff and resources.

Simple POS function

Get a simple POS-like system with the in-store ordering module and any card terminal.

Unavailable Items

Cross out an unavailable items while still showing them in the menu or topppings list. (Upcoming)


Define each dishes' ingredients for use in toppings or bespoke reporting. (Upcoming)

Multi-Station Printing

Print different dishes to different stations. eg. All Starters to StationA and all Desserts to StationB. (Upcoming)

Advanced Charges

Expanding the Extra Charges functionality to include user choices. eg. what kind of bag would you like? (Upcoming)

Advanced Dish Properties

Link Toppings to Dish Properties so as to reduce the menu's length and speed up menu setup.(Upcoming)

Order/Driver Tracking

Allocate orders to drivers, and track them during delivery and provide customer updates.(Upcoming)

Group Ordering

Allow Groups of people to order as a single entity (single payment) or as multiple entities (shared payment). (Upcoming)

Label Printing

Automatic printout of labels ready to stick on bags or food. (Upcoming).

Voice ordering

Drive-through, Automated telephone orders and general Voice Ordering (Upcoming).

Room Service/Catering

Multi-user system functions allow its use in multiple business scenarios.

Customised for you


Link to Bank, ePOS, Printer


System Integration

Link to third-party systems: payment gateways, gps trackers, crm, erp and more.

Artificial Intelligent

We can use artificial intelligence to provide smarter functionality.

Big Data Analysis

A wealth of data can be analysed to provide business intelligence.

Semantic and Sentiment Analysis

Improve your business by identifying customer sentiment and trends.

Industries & Example Use Cases

Hotels & Resorts

Room-service and self-service ordering from a room or a hotel area.

Food Aggregators / Ordering Portals

Use the system to makeyour own Just Eat, Food Panda, or Grub Hub and customise it as needed.

Events, Theatres, Arenas, Stadiums

Self-service ordering kiosks or from own-devices for queue reduction or from a seat.

Restaurants and Takeaways

Online ordering, ordering kiosks, telephone ordering with callerID and group orders.

Bakeries, Cafes, Chains

Individual orders, Telephone orders, Group orders (single or shared payment).

Corporate Offices

Self-service preordering online or via kiosks. Eliminate employee queues and kitchen staff pressure.

Universities & Hospitals

Online meals pre-ordering and ordering kiosks. Eliminate queues and pressure to kitchen staff.

Convenience Stores & Supermarkets

Offer customers delivery or a click-and-collect service, as well as in-store self-service ordering.


Pre-ordering or ordering kiosks to eliminate errors, queues and kitchen pressure for events and meals.

Borough Council Markets

Increase and facilitate orders for all vendors, online and on-premise, for delivery or click-and-collect.

Food trucks & Wireless Ordering

Get orders without customer having to queue. Customers order remotely or on-premise.

Airports & Train/Bus Stations

Use pre-ordering or ordering kiosks to increase efficiency and speed while eliminating errors.
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Food Ordering Demos, Examples and Videos

The tabs below contain a range of demos showcasing the functionality available, general capabilities as well as system walkthroughs of the front-end and back-end functionality. Please note that these reflect the online ordering capabilities at the time and may differ somewhat from the latest available features and functions.

Recorded Video Walkthroughs

Epson TM-i Printers

The online food ordering system can then be customized for each customer/restaurant to work the way the business wants.

System Screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions

Very easy. It does not take more than 5-10 minutes. Once you have installed the system, you simply place a link on your website pointing to the online orders system.
The system's back-end (ie. restaurant management system) allows you to self-manage menus, settings and more in a very simple and easy way.
We can customise the system to make it work the way you want. We will discuss your requirements in detail and identify the extra costs for the modifications.
We provide only the software and not an ongoing service (unless requested). As such there is no need for technical support and pay salaries for this so we pass on the savings to you.
Yes. We can provide access to the source code for you to modify (see system technical requirements/specification). Depending on the use-case we can provide the appropriate software licence for reselling it or selling it as a service.
We can provide support on-demand as and if needed, at a cost of £80/h. Support is availeble Monday-Friday 9am-5pm GMT. Alternatively an ongoing support arrangement can agreed upon depending on your needs.
We do not sell any POS systems. We only offer online ordering software. Also, we do not sell any hardware, with the exception of Epson Intelligent POS printers. We are typically able to offer them at a price slightly less than retail, and are sent directly to you by Epson's Distributors. For all other compatible printers you can buy directly from the manufacturers via email links which we provide within the 'Package Builder' function of our site.
You can use it forever. You are not allowed to resell it though, unless you have a software license which allows reselling.
Yes you can upgrade to the latest version by paying 50% of the cost of the new version.
Printers: All Epson & Star intelligent POS printers, Goodcom GPRS printers (any model), Any 80mm POS printer connected to a Windows computer.

CallerID: Artech AD102 & All Modems with calledID support. eg. US Robotics USR805637

See more options and accessories.

Prices / Costs And Ordering


Software as a Service

(Runs on our website/domain)
Use for


paid annually

(~$1.30 USD per day)
*NEW* Contact us

========== OR ==========

Buy outright - Self hosted version

(Runs on your website/domain)



One-time licence fee

950 USD, 815 EUR
  • Online ordering software + Installation
  • For 1 store/branch
  • Online Orders ONLY
  • OPTIONAL Telephone Orders: +£150
  • 30 days FREE support and training

Online, In-Store, Telephone, Table Bookings


One-time licence fee

1495 USD,1285 EUR
  • Online ordering software + Installation
  • For 1 store/branch
  • Online + In-Store + Telephone orders
  • Table Booking with Pre-Ordering
  • 30 days FREE support and training

Chains, Portals, Developers, ePOS Manufacturers


One-time licence fee

  • Online ordering software + Installation
  • For multiple stores/branches
  • Bespoke design / development (optional)
  • Source code access (optional)
  • 30 days FREE support and training

Get a quote in 5-minutes


Menu creation
£199 (~275 USD)
Monthly Support (Mon-Fri., 9am-5pm)
£30/month (~38 USD)
Web hosting
£10/month (~13 USD)
Pricing depends on work/effort required
System Integrations
Pricing depends on work/effort required
Payment Gateway Integrations
Pricing depends on work/effort required


Pricing is transparent. The one-off license fee allows you to use the system indefinately. It is provided ready to be filled-up with your menu, prices & business details, with orders reaching you via email or via your chosen method. eg. printer But in any case please read our terms and conditions.

The system will run on your own hosting (system technical specification) & you never pay anything else to us.

Resellers / Affiliates / Clients:

We pay a 30% referral fee for any paying clients you refer to us. This includes any subsequent purchases.
Contact us for further information on reselling.

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Works in any Country / Language

Our online ordering system can be used in a variety of hospitality scenarios including: Food Trucks, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts, Oil Rigs, Stadiums, Arenas, Conferences, Racecourses, Live Events, Restaurants and Takeaways, Theatres and Performing Arts Venues, Corporate Caterers, Franchise Owners, Local Aggregators, Festivals, Bakeries, sandwich shops and cafes, Convenience stores and petrol stations.

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